Brooch And Pin Clasps

Locking C-Clasp (aka Safety Clasp)

The locking C-clasp was patented in 1901. It began to be widely used for jewelry in 1910. The locking C-clasp is a C-clasp with a spinning lock mechanism. The spinning lock can be closed to prevent the pin from dislodging. This clasp remains popular today.


Plain C-Clasp

Plain C-clasps are similar to the locking C-clasp but they don't have the spinning lock mechanism. Many older pieces have this style of clasp. However, even though plain C-clasps are uncommon today, some modern manufacturers still use this type of clasp.


Tube or Trombone Clasp

The tube clasp was patented in 1850 and was used for jewelry until after World War II. Many European pieces use this clasp. The pin enters the 'tube' chamber when the knob is pulled out. When the knob is pushed back in, it encases the end of the pin and secured the brooch.

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