Earring Types And Styles

Pierce or Post Earrings

Threaded Stud - Threaded studs are pierced earrings with a solid post. The post has threads similiar to that of a screw. The back of the earring twists onto the post the same way a sing nut screws onto a screw. This style of fastener has been used since the 1890s and is uncommon today.

Fish Hook - Sometimes referred to as a shepherd crook, the fish hook is an ear wire in the shape of a hook. There is no back to this type of ear wire. The fish hook is found on jewelry dating before 1900 and is still used widely today.

Kidney Wire - Kidney Wires are thin ear wires in the shape of an upside-down letter U. Kidney wire earrings have been in use since 1870.

Non-Pierced Earrings

Screw Back - These earrings slip over the earlobe and a small screw is tightened to secure the earring in place. Screw backs were patented in 1894 and were popular into the 1950's.

Clip - The clip earring has a hinged metal clip on the back that 'clips' onto the ear lobe to secure the earring to the ear. The clip-back earring was first patented in 1934 and was popular in the 1950's and 1960's. Clip earrings are still being made today and are a popular choice for non-pierced ears.

Slide/Slip On - Instead of clipping the ear, they slide on with a flexible metal clasp. Typically used by Hillcraft & Castlecliff

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