Necklace And Bracelet Clasps

Spring Ring

Found on both vintage and modern jewelry, the spring ring clasp has two types. One type has a small, easily seen tab that helps to move the spring. There is no specific information on when this type of clasp was first used.

The other type of spring ring clasp has a small lip instead of a tab. This type of clasp was often, but not always, found on jewelry dating from before WWII.


Usually reserved for necklaces, this type of clasp is a simple hook that conntects to an extension chain attached to the necklace.

Push-in or Box

This type of clasp is often found on jewelry dating before 1950. The male portion of the clasp has a tab on the top that when pushed down frees the clasp from the female side.

Fold-Over Clasp

This clasp was popular in the 1940s and is still in use today.

Hidden Bead Clasp

This style of clasp is very similar to a box/push-in clasp except the tab is hidden within bead matching the rest of the piece.

Lobster Clasp

This style of clasp didn't become popular until the 1970s. It is stylized into the shape of a 'lobster claw' with a retractable side hook which closes around a small loop.

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